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Announcement on International Collaborative Research and Development Program Demand Survey



As part of “International Collaborative Research and Development Program” that supports collaborative technology development with advanced domestic-overseas R&D organizations in an effort to keep up with the global trend of openness, convergence and globalization of industrial technologies, “creative and innovative feasibility project IDEA” demand survey targeting Korean-American engineers is hereby announced. Korean-American engineers interested are welcome to apply according to the procedures set forth below.


2013. 5. 16

President of Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology

1. Purpose

○ Activate participation in domestic and overseas R&D projects through research planning between Korean-American engineers and domestic industries-academia-research institutes, and through technology cooperation network


2. Program Description

○ Targeting Korean-American engineers, projects carrying out technology cooperation networking, R&D planning, etc. with an aim of generating international R&D cooperation projects with domestic companies and advanced R&D institutes will be supported (projects including ideas for establishing an international technology cooperation consortium)


3. Program Budget

○ Government contribution: support for new projects in 2013 would be total of KRW 150 million or less (select approximately 3 to 7 projects), royalties will not be collected


Support Amount


International Collaborative R&D Program

Creative and Innovative Feasibility Project

KRW 20 to 50 million per project/year,

One year or less

After a feasibility project has been completed, the project will be evaluated as an R&D project of the next year




4. Funding Procedure

Feasibility IDEA Submission

Theme Selection Committee

Call for proposals on New Projects

Evaluation Committee for Project Selection

(Presentation/questioning evaluation)


Korean-American engineers

Select themes having priorities

Call for proposals on creative and innovative feasibility projects

Finalize projects to be supported

(multiple of 1)


2 pages or less

* This announcement on demand survey is for step ‘① feasibility IDEA Submission’


5. Target Area

○ Areas in dire need of technology cooperation with technology advanced countries in order to achieve 5 missions described below



1. Securing future growth engine technologies for SMEs and mid-tier enterprises

Technology development areas in which SMEs and mid-tier enterprises can promote businesses that have the potential to become a future growth engine, such as nano, robotics, and medical devices

2. Securing competiveness of industrial convergence technologies

Technology development areas in which securing competitiveness through technology convergence between industries (such as IT+BT) is possible

3. Further developing leading industries into high value added industries

Technology development areas in which further developing domestic leading industries into high value-added industries is possible, such as automobile, shipbuilding and plant engineering

4. Solving global issues

Technology development areas in which solving global issues is possible, such as air pollution dispersion control, new renewable energy, and disaster prevention and countermeasure

5. Technologies relating to people’s safety and happiness

Technology development areas in which support for healthy and pleasant life is possible, such as new drug development and realization of future cutting-edge residential environment