Dear AKPA colleagues,


I am pleased to announce that the 2019 OYRA will be given to two outstanding Korean physicists.


l  Professor Hyowon Park at University of Illinois at Chicago who has made major breakthroughs in theoretical understanding of strongly correlated system using dynamic mean field theory. This is a problem that has been considered too difficult to solve numerically and his impressive publication record reflects his productivity in this area.

l  Dr. Young Jin Kim at Los Alamos National Lab, who has built highly sensitive, state-of-the-art detectors such as SQUID, nuclear quadrupole resonance (NQR), and atomic magnetometers for fundamental and applied sciences. 




The award ceremony will take place at the following two events.


l  Sunday, March 3: the 2019 Joint KPS-AKPA Symposium at Harvard University (see the symposium program at

l  Tuesday, March 5: the APS FIP (Forum of International Physics) Reception at 6pm at the Boston Convention Center. AKPA is co-sponsoring this reception.


Please join me in congratulating Professor Hyowon Park and Dr. Young Jin Kim for their outstanding achievements. 


Best regards,



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