Hi Jae,

Here is the ABC Network story on 'deflate-gate' featuring my explanation with stick figure animation:


They actually used my own drawing and writing with a sharpie without giving me much instructions at all. I wonder what they would have done if my sketches were terrible...

And here is another story on Aljazeera America with a quote from me:


無心 Chang Kee

Last night NY Giants wide receiver, Odell Beckham, made the greatest catch of all time against Dallas cowboys.

NBC NYC Channel 4 came to my office today to interview me for their 5 pm news. Part of the news is now posted online with text:
And here is the original news my wife recorded on her iPhone:

You need to see the detailed images of the catch and the video clips in slow motion to really appreciate the catch from the physics point of view. It is better than the original Montana to Dwight Clark connection known as "The Catch".

On Wednesday, Nov. 12, the FOX Sports 1 network will air a segment featuring Fermilab user and LBNF collaborator Chang Kee Jung of Stony Brook University.

The segment will appear on the program "NFL Films Presents" and will focus on the physics of sports, drawing from Jung's course on the subject.

The show begins at 6 p.m. Central time.