Election 2013: Passage to the 31st Presidency 


Following the Bylaws, the AKPA Election 2013 will elect the 31st president, whose term will start 2015, and the Auditor for the next (30th) administration. The president-elect will also join the 30th AKPA administration (President: Prof. Jaehoon Yu, U. of Texas at Arlington) as the vice president as the Bylaws requires.

Details on the election are described and will be updated below. If there is any question/suggestions, please contact to the Election Committee (see below).




Committees for Election 2013

Nomination Committee:

Prof. Ki-Hyon Kim (NC Central), Chair, 919-530-6451

Prof. Cheung-Ryong Ji (NC State), 919-600-0916

Election Committee:

Prof. Jaehoon Yu (U. of Texas at Arlington), Chair, 817-808-9605

Prof. Yoonseok Lee (U. of Florida) 352-281-1127






Any complaints related to the campaign/election have to be reported to the Election Committee, who will try to resolve them.