AKPA Election Information


Following the Bylaws, the AKPA Election 2014 will elect the 32th president, whose term will start 2017, and the Auditor for the next (31th) administration. The president-elect will also join the 31th AKPA administration (President: Prof. Seung-Hun Lee, Univ. of Virginia) as the vice president as the Bylaws requires. Below is the election schedule, and the details of the candidates will be announced soon by email and on the AKPA website.



       November 30, 2014: Due for the announcement of the final list of candidates to the general members.

       December 1-15, 2014: Official election/campaign period.

       December 15-31, 2014: Voting

       January 5, 2015: Announcing the next/vice president and auditor elected.


Committees for Election 2014

Nomination Committee:

Prof. Chueng-Ryong Ji (NC State), Chair

Election Committee:

Prof. Seung-Hun Lee (U. Virginia), Chair, 434-924-7959

Prof. Youngho Seo (UCSF) 415-353-9464