Candidates for the 32nd AKPA President

Prof. Young-Kee Kim

Louis Block Professor of Physics

The Department of Physics and the Enrico Fermi Institute

The University of Chicago


Thanks to outstanding former and current AKPA presidents and Korean physicist community in U.S., there are a number of AKPA programs in place including the annual U.S.-Korea Joint Physicist Meeting at the APS March meeting, the BAS (physical sciences) program at the KSEA’s annual U.S.-Korea Conference, the Joint AKPA – KPS meeting, the annual Outstanding Young Researcher Award, and the annual Nationwide High School Physics Contest.

If elected, I will work to continue and enhance all of the existing AKPA programs. Physics is global. I will work to strengthen connections between U.S.-based Korean physicists and Korean physicists in Europe and Asia, and to promote scientific excellence of U.S.-based Korean senior and junior physicists to the international physics community. In addition, together with the current and next AKPA presidents, I will explore opportunities to promote scientific excellence in the developing world. I expect that my current role as an executive committee member of APS’s Forum in International Physics and my past experiences will be helpful for these initiatives.

My recent involvements in AKPA and KSEA activities include: I was the keynote speaker for KSEA’s Professional Development Workshop in March 2014; I organized the biennial AKPA Symposium on Special Topics in Physics in May 2014 at the University of Chicago – the program included the AKPA – IBS (Institute for Basic Science in Korea) Symposium and the celebration of the 35th anniversary of AKPA; I am chairing AKPA’s fund-raising and special event committee – the committee’s current focus is to raise endowed funds to support the winners of the annual Nationwide High School Physics Contest and the annual Outstanding Young Researcher Award.


Candidates for the Auditor

Prof. Harold Kim


Assistant Professor

Georgia Institute of Technology