Dear Fellow AKPA members,


It is my great honor to serve as the 32nd President of AKPA.  Since its creation 38 years ago, AKPA has served the Korean physics community and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the 31 previous administrations.  The many outstanding Korean physicists who led this Association carried out volunteer activities with passion and a wonderful spirit of community service.  Together with the 32nd administration officers and committee members, I will endeavor to continue this tradition.  

AKPA’s activities need to reflect that physics is global and that the world around us is constantly evolving. Building on the previous efforts of the AKPA and KPS administrations, we will continue to strengthen our ties to KEK and APS.  APS has recently launched a Task Force on Expanding International Engagement. As part of this effort, they are reaching out to international partners in order to understand the different perspectives on shared interests and challenges.  Addressing such concerns in partnership with APS can provide an opportunity to strengthen our connections to them as well as to other sister physics societies.

Supporting young scientists has been always a high priority for AKPA. Their concerns and needs evolve in this global and rapidly changing society. I will put effort to understand better their current issues and needs.

In order to serve all of you better, we need to have your input. So, please let us know what we can do for you!


I look forward to working with all of you,

Young-Kee Kim 

The 32nd President of AKPA