Message from the 29th President of the AKPA


Dear Fellow AKPA Members,

I am honored to serve as the 29th President of AKPA. Since its birth in 1979, AKPA has been serving the community to promote continued advancement in physics and related areas, and to promote close networking of Korean physicists. AKPA is privileged to serve both Korean and American communities. It offers a unique connection between two continents and between generations. However, it is challenging for Korean Physicists to meet each other and network across disciplines as Physics topics broaden and as Physics conferences and meetings become more specialized. Building on success of the Physics session organized at the US-KoreaConference (UKC), AKPA will promote and facilitate Korean meetings at specialized conferences, e.g., various American Physical Society (APS) division meetings, American Geophysical Union (AGU), American Astronomical Society (AAS) meetings, etc. There will be a Korean Physicist Symposium at the upcoming APS April meeting, which is organized in collaboration with the APS Forum on International Physics. This symposium is sponsored by the Korea-US Science Cooperation Center (KUSCO) and the Korean Physical Society (KPS). Future meetings will strengthen the relationship between AKPA and KPS, KUSCO, and the Korean-American Scientists and Engineers Association (KSEA). AKPA’s presence in various American organizations, e.g., APS, AGU, AAS, etc. will help Korean physicists in America, particularly career development of the young generation.

Unarguably, technology has advanced exceptionally fast over the last three decades. We should utilize advanced technology for making AKPA more relevant and beneficial to the community. A course management system, Blackboard Academic Suites, will be utilized for efficient communications and documentations. Its Wimba Classroom allows officers and committee members to meet any time online without any setup efforts for voice and video transmission, visual presentations, file exchanges, etc. Using Wiki, our activities can be documented and shared by relevant parties efficiently. Our presence on the web has become more important than ever before. But, there is room for improvement in our web pages to reach out to the community across the continents. The Publicity and Editorial Committee is energized to publish Newsletters more frequently.
I am pleased to let you know that the 29th administration is shaping up nicely. I will be assisted by Vice President and 30th President Elect, Professor Jae Yu, who actively served as Chair of the Publicity and Editorial Committee for the 28th administration. I am fortunate to have Professor Yoonseok Leeas the General Secretary. He was a 2002 Outstanding Young Researcher Award (OYRA) winner, and he served as auditor for the 27th administration. Drs. Zaeill Kim, Jeonghee Rho, Chulhoon Chang, and Youngsoo Yoon will serve, respectively, as the Treasury, E-link, Web Management and Publication Secretaries.

Prof. Kyungseon Joo, Prof. Kyunghwa Park, Dr. Hoydoo You, and Dr. Inseob Hahn will constitute the Award Committee. Strengthening our collaboration with KPS will allow expansion of the highly successful OYRA program. Prof. Sung-Won Lee, Prof. Kiyong Kim, Dr. Myungkee Sung, and Dr. Hanhee Paik will constitute the Publicity and Editorial Committee. Prof. Dean Lee, Prof. Youngho Seo, Prof. Seunghun Lee, and Dr. Insaeng Suh will constitute the Web Management Committee. Prof. Jongsoo Yoon, Drs. Peter Yoon, Jeonghee Rho and Yonsei Chung will comprise the E-Link Committee, and they will, respectively, host Korean meetings at the APS, AGU, AAS, and HEP/FNAL. This committee will work closely with the General Secretary for event proposals.
There will be setbacks and difficulties. There will bedisagreements. We can not solve all problems. But, I wouldremind you of Henry Ford’s quotes:“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” Let’s move forward together as a team one step at a time.

Eun-Suk Seo

President of AKPA