Following the Bylaws, the AKPA Election 2009 will elect the 29th president, whose term will start 2011, and the Auditor for the current (28th) staff. The president-elect will also join the current staff as the vice president as the Bylaw requires.

Ballots are out!!!

If you have not received an email with a ballet, please contact the Election Committee immediately!!!

Details on the election are described below. If there is any question/suggestions, please contact to the Election Committee (see below).


  • August 7: Due for the nomination from the Nomination Committee.
  • August 14: Due for the final list of candidates including from general members and announcement.
  • August 15 - 21: Official election/campaign period.
  • August 17 - 21: Vote (Ballots are out.)
  • August 24: Announce the next/vice president and auditor elected.

Committees for Election 09

  1. Nomination Committee:
    (NC Central), Chair, 919-530-6451
  2. Election Committee
    (NC State), Chair, 919-600-0916
    (LSU) 225-650-9186


  • Nomination committee searches for candidates for both positions.
  • Any member (including general member) who is interested in either position or who likes to recommend someone(s) should contact to the Nomination (and/or Election) committee by August 10.
  • Candidates should be a regular member by paying the membership fee ($25 check to Dr. In-Saeng Suh) by August 14.
  • Official announcement of candidates will be made on August 14.


  • The qualified voters would be the members as defined by the bylaws.
  • To be a member for this election, the membership fee has to be paid by August 17. ($25 check to Dr. In-Saeng Suh)
  • Each qualified voter will be notified before the election by an Email.


  • Official election period is August 15-21.
  • The Election Committee will make the information on each candidate available.
  • During this period, candidates can contact to qualified voters regarding to the election.
  • During this period, any voter asks question(s) related to this election to any/all candidate(s) by sending emails to the Election Committee. Election Committee will try to get responses from the candidate(s), which will be posted to all members and/or the questioner.


  • Voting will be performed through Emails by the qualified members from August 17 to August 21.
  • Details on the vote procedure will be announced later. - Ballots are out!!! 
  • The official closing time would be August 21, Midnight PDT, but earlier votes are encouraged.
  • The result with the President-Elect and new Auditor will be announced on August 24.
  • Any complaints related to the campaign/election have to be reported to the Election Committee, who will try to resolve them.