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As recently announced by the emails (1, 2), the vote for the next term AKPA president and the current term auditor will be held in August, 2009: 
     (1) Official candidates will be announced on August 14.
     (2) Voting will be performed through emails by the qualified members from August 17 to August 21.
     (3) The election result will be announced on August 24. 
Please check our Election 2009 page for the detailed information.
As of August 14, we announce that we have 2 candidates for the next term president and 1 candidate for the current term auditor. Candidates for the next term president (in chronological nomination order):
     Prof. Eun-Suk Seo (University of Maryland),  Dr. Taik-Soo Hahm (Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory).
Candidate for the current term auditor:
     Dr. Pil-Neyo Seo (Duke University).
See the Candidates page for detailed information about the candidates.
As of August 17, the voting started. The qualified voters were notified by email. If you think you are a qualified voter, yet did not get the email, please contact the election committee immediately. Please note that the membership fee has to be paid by August 17 to be a qualified member for this election (contact the treasury secretary).