AKPA Outstanding Young Researcher Award (OYRA) 2012
2012 AKPA Award Committee Report
January 25, 2012

  The Award Committee thoroughly reviewed all documentation submitted for its consideration in support of the candidates. The committee also conducted its work through numerous discussions by telephone and email. The successful OYRA candidates would especially demonstrate their potential for: (1) creative, substantive advance in their own subfield in physics; (2) a professional success as a physicist. After exhaustive and careful discussions, the committee recommends Dr. Yong-Yeol Ahn, an assistant professor at Indiana University and Dr. Na Young Kim, a research associate at Stanford University as the two 2012 OYRA winners:

Dr. Yong-Yeol Ahn:

  oyra2011 ahn_yong-yeolDr. Ahn is a theorist in the field of statistical mechanics. He studies complex systems through the concept of networks. He investigates many interesting subjects including biological networks from interacting genes, proteins, and metabolites; a brain network from interacting neurons; and a social network from interacting people. His recent work was published in Nature and in Science. All his work is based on the concept of networks by exploiting the analytic and computational approach typically used in statistical mechanics, along with conventional phenomenological approaches. Dr. Ahn has a great promise with the potential not only to become a leading scientist of his generation, but also to create his own field of science.

Dr. Na Young Kim:

oyra2012 kim_nayoung  Dr. Kim is an experimentalist in the field of condensed matter physics. Her research area is mesoscopic electron transport and solid-state cavity quantum electrodynamics. She has made outstanding contributions to the study of novel properties of light-matter quasi-particles called exciton polaritons, along with their application to quantum information. Her recent work was published in Nature as a first and corresponding author. As her references stated, Dr. Kim’s strength is her intellectual power to focus on important problems and come up with creative solutions with her superb technical skills. The outstanding scientific performance and the character of Dr. Kim clearly point to this conclusion: She becomes an emerging leader in her field.


Nominations for the AKPA 31st president and auditor are currently accepted by the nomination committee. Any current AKPA member who is interested in either positions or any member who would like to recommend another member(s) should contact the nomination committee chair, professor K.H.Kim (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). The candidate must be a regular AKPA member. The nomination needs to include the following information:

  • Name of the Nominee
  • Affiliation
  • Position/rank
  • Short description of qualification
  • Consent from the nominee

The deadline for nomination is Nov. 1, 2012.



Election 2013: Passage to the 31st Presidency 


Following the Bylaws, the AKPA Election 2013 will elect the 31st president, whose term will start 2015, and the Auditor for the next (30th) administration. The president-elect will also join the 30th AKPA administration (President: Prof. Jaehoon Yu, U. of Texas at Arlington) as the vice president as the Bylaws requires.

Details on the election are described and will be updated below. If there is any question/suggestions, please contact to the Election Committee (see below).



  • December 1, 2012: Due for the completion of the nomination process by the Nomination Committee.
  • December 3 - 5, 2012: Due for the announcing the final list of candidates including their information and the statements to general members
  • December 5 - 11, 2012: Official campaign period.
  • December 12 - 23, 2012: Voting
  • December 26, 2012: Announcing the next/vice president and auditor elected.


Committees for Election 2013

Nomination Committee:

Prof. Ki-Hyon Kim (NC Central), Chair, 919-530-6451

Prof. Cheung-Ryong Ji (NC State), 919-600-0916

Election Committee:

Prof. Jaehoon Yu (U. of Texas at Arlington), Chair, 817-808-9605

Prof. Yoonseok Lee (U. of Florida) 352-281-1127



  • Nomination committee searches for candidates for both positions.
  • Any member (including general member) who is interested in either position or who likes to recommend someone(s) should contact to the Nomination (and/or Election) committee.
  • Candidates should be a regular member.
  • Official announcement of candidates will be made on December 26, 2012.


  • The qualified voters would be the members as defined by the Bylaws.
  • Each qualified voter will be notified before the election by an e-mail.


  • Official campaign period is December 5 - 11.
  • The Election Committee will make the information on each candidate available.
  • During this period, candidates can contact to qualified voters regarding to the election.
  • During this period, any voter asks question(s) related to this election to any/all candidate(s) by sending emails to the Election Committee. Election Committee will try to get responses from the candidate(s), which will be posted to all members and/or the questioner.


  • Voting will be performed through Emails
  • Details on the vote procedure will be announced later via e-mail to qualified voters.
  • The official closing time would be Midnight (PST), December 23, 2012, but earlier voting is encouraged.
  • The result with the President-Elect and new Auditor will be announced on December 26, 2012.

Any complaints related to the campaign/election have to be reported to the Election Committee, who will try to resolve them.

Election 2013: Candidates for the President and the Auditor 


      Candidates for the 31st AKPA President


          Prof. Seung-Hun Lee (statement and profile)


     Candidate for the 30th AKPA Auditor


          Dr. Hye-Sung Lee (statement and profile)



Candidate for the 30th AKPA Auditor

Dr. Hye-Sung Lee


Research Associate, College of William and Mary and Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (joint position)

It will be my pleasure and honor if I can have an opportunity to serve Korea-rooted physicists in America through AKPA. To me, AKPA is not just another professional organization, but a community of "people" who have a similar experience of the opportunity and hardship to work and live as a Korea-rooted physicist in America. I believe that the value of our effort to assist the members and to record their thoughts and lives will keep growing as time goes on. Thank you.