AKPA News (December 22, 1999) 

(1).  Greetings from the AKPA President 
(2).  AKPA Annual Meeting and AKPA Traditional APS March Wednesday Dinner Meeting for the Year 2000 
(3).  Outstanding Young Researcher's Award Announcement (Dead line has been extended) 
(4).  AKPA Newsletter Special Edition (Millennium) 
(5).  AKPA Membership Dues and Contributions by AKPA members 
(6).   Fund rasing by the AKPA President 
(7).  AKPA Election committee 
(8).  Directory Update and Membership Drive 
(9). AKPA Homepage (www.akpa.org) 

(1) Greetings from the AKPA President 

Dear AKPA members, 

In the closing hours of this year, this century, this millennium, I find myself like so many others wondering what the next year will bring.  The holidays traditionally signal the lifting of spirits that comes with reuniting family and friends, and while this year is no different, I sense a feeling of anticipation in my coworkers and family. 

What they anticipate, I cannot speculate clearly, but I gather that this particular season brings with it overwhelming hope and optimism for the future.  This is the last holiday season of a remarkable time in humanity, and I feel that like many of you, communion with family and friends has taken on a special degree of importance.  To share this unique time with loved ones helps to build a foundation for success and happiness that hopefully will carry on through out the many years and decades to come in the next era. 

Thus, my wish for all of you this holiday season is that you may enjoy the love of family and friends, and that your bonds you create and strengthen with them this season will not only carry you through the next year, but through the many generations that follow.  The AKPA has always been a source of professional and friendly companionship for me, and you can trust that this tradition will continue next year and well beyond as we strive to create closer ties between all Koreans within the greater physics community.  To you and yours, I wish happiness and good fortune throughout the new year. 

With warmest regards, 

Jin-Joo Song 
AKPA President 
Oklahoma State University 

(2).  AKPA Annual Meeting & AKPA Traditional APS March Wednesday Dinner Meeting, 2000 
(2a).  AKPA plans to have an annual meeting on Sunday, 3/19/99. 
The exact time and places of meetings will be announced as they are determined. 

(2b).  AKPA Traditional APS March Wednesday Dinner Meeting, 2000: 

The traditional APS March Dinner Meeting for 2000 is going to be held at the "Seafood Palace" Chinese restaurant at 6:30 pm on Wednesday, March 22.  The meeting place has been arranged by Dr. Young Hwa Kim, President of High Dimension Research Inc., St. Paul, MN.  Senior members of the Condensed Matter Physics Group extend their gratitude to Dr. Kim and Ms. Kelley for their efforts arranging this meeting place. 

The exact location of the restaurant is 
> Restaurant:  Seafood Palace 
> Address:     2523 Nicollet Avenue,  Minneapolis, MN 
> Tel:              612-874-7721 
> Fax:             612-871-8647 
> Contact:     Carl Wong 

Meeting Time:  6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, March 22, 2000. 

The restaurant is located approximately two miles from the Minneapolis Convention Center. We can use either a Shuttle Bus (hourly shuttle service from the Convention  Center to the restaurant area is available.  Cost:  $1.00 per person one-way.) or a taxi  (Guests can take a taxi to the restaurant as a group of 4.  Approximate Cost: $5.00 per ride.). 

The $20.00 per person price includes the following menu as well as one soft drink, tip, & tax. 

Hot & Sour Seafood Soup 

Salt & Pepper Baked Head on Shrimps 
Twin Lobster w/ Ginger & Scallions 
Sweet & Spicy Beef Short Ribs 
Pork Chop w/ Peking Sauce 
Steamed Walleye 
Cantonese Fried Chicken 
Fresh Mushrooms w/ Greens 

It is certain that we will all have very fruitful fellowship sharing and professional discussions at the March dinner meeting. Hoping to see you all at the meeting in March of Y2K. 

(3).  Outstanding Young Researcher's Award Announcement (OYRA) (Dead line has been extended) 

The application deadline of The 2000 Outstanding Young Researcher's Award has been extended.  The new deadlines are January 21, 2000 for nominations and  January 28, 2000 for supporting documents. For more information, please visit our Web site: "www.akpa.org". 

To recognize and promote excellence in research by outstanding young ethnic Korean physicists in North America who are working at research-doctorate institutions, and industrial and government laboratories.  The first six OYRA have been awarded in 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998 and 1999. 

Candidates are limited to those who received their doctoral degree after January 1, 1995, and are to be nominated by the Chair or Head of the Department where they are employed or by the candidate's former thesis advisor in a letter detailing the importance and impact of the candidate's work.  Supporting documents should include the candidate's curriculum vitae and three letters of recommendation. 

January 21, 2000 for nominations and January 28, 2000 for supporting documents. 

The awardee will be selected by the Awards Committee, consisting of: 
Prof. Kiuck Lee (Marquette University) 
Prof. Cheung Ryong Ji (North Carolina State University) 
Dr. Sungkwun Lyo (Sandia National Laboratories) 
Dr. Sang-Wook Cheong (Bell Laboratories) 
Prof. Yung Kee Yeo (Air Force Institute of Technology), Chair 
Dr. Taeil Bai (Stanford University) 

The award of $1,000 will be presented during the AKPA annual meeting at the American Physical Society Meeting in Minneapolis, Minnesota, March 20-24, 2000. 

Nominations and supporting documents are to be sent to: 

Professor Jin-Joo Song 
AKPA President 
Center for Laser and Photonics Research 
413 Noble Research Center 
Oklahoma State University 
Stillwater OK 74078 
Phone: 405-744-6575 
Fax: 405-744-6406 
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

(4).  AKPA Newsletter Special Edition (Millennium version) 

The Editorial committee is planning to issue a special hard copy millennium issue of AKPA Newsletter next spring.  A majority of the articles in this issue will be written by prominent Korean and Korean-American Physicists, who are leaders in their respective fields. The Committee members are: 

Professor Nowhan Kwak, Chair (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) 
Dr. Hoydoo You, (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) 
Professor Howard Lee (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) 
Professor Daniel C. Hong (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) 

(5).  AKPA Membership Dues and Contributions by AKPA members 
As of Dec. 21, 1999, the amounts of received Membership dues and contributions are as follows: 

Dr. Nowhan Kwak ($225),  Dr. Hoydoo Yoo ($50),  Dr. Howard Lee ($25),  Dr. Zhang-hee Cho ($100), Dr. Kiuck Lee ($250),  Dr. Yong S. Joe ($25),   Dr. Daniel C. Hong ($100),   Dr. Weonjong Lee ($50), Dr. Yoon Soo Park ($200),  Dr. Y. K. Yeo ($250),  Dr. Soo_Ung Kim ($200),  Dr. Jin-joo Song ($325), Dr. Seon-ju Hwang ($25), Dr. Gil-Han Park ($25), Dr. Sang-Ki Shee ($25), Dr. Yong-Hwan Kwon ($25). 

Your financial support through dues & contributions is essential for AKPA activities. Thank you for your devotion and contributions. 

Membership:   $25  (regular), 
Free  (graduate students) 

Dan-goon Physicist:                           $500 
Kwang-Gye-To-Wang Physicist:            $400 
Lee-Soon-Shin Physicist;                $300 
Se-Jong Physicist :                            $200 
Dae-Won-Goon Physicist:               $100 
Sun-Bae Physicist:                              $50 

Please write a check for both dues and contribution to the order of  "AKPA" and mail it to: 

Dr. Soo-Ung Kim 
AKPA Treasurer 
12543 Lt. Nichols 
Fairfax, VA 22033 

(6) Fund rasing by the AKPA President:    Total $4,500 
We are especially grateful to the following donors: 
Shin-han Bank, Korea ($500);  Ae-Kyung Industries Co., Korea ($500);  Sunkyung (SK), Korea ($1,000);  Hyundai Industrial Development & Construction Co., Ltd., Korea ($500);  Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Korea ($500);  Jong-Geun-Dang, Korea ($500);  Korea Management Association, Korea ($1,000). 

(7).  AKPA Election committee 
The following three members are to nominate two candidates each for the positions of AKPA 22nd president and AKPA auditor: 

Dr. J. H. Zho (U.C. Irvine, Committee Chair) 
Dr. Y. K. Yeo (AFIT) 
Dr. Y. S. Park (ONR) 

(8).  Directory Update and Membership Drive 
We have been constantly updating our AKPA member directory and the first version of "AKPA Directory 2000" has been mailed to members.  It can also be found at the AKPA web site (www.akpa.org).  You can download the directory as either a text file (AKPA2000.TXT) or a MS Word file ("AKPA2000.DOC"), both which are in the Mail # 21 in "7. Official mail to members". 

It should be noted that it is almost impossible to have a completely updated AKPA directory without significant support and help from our members. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to provide your personal information and that of anyone in your area.  Also, you can help us by correcting information that is incorrect or missing in our directory.  We would like to thank the representative of each institution and organization that has already been contacted separately via e-mail to help us in updating each AKPA member's information in his/her organization.  Please help your organization's representative in this regard. 

In addition to updating any changes in currently listed AKPA members, we also try to recruit as many new members as possible into our organization.  In particular, new graduate student members and first- and second-generation members of Korean ethnic background are encouraged to join.  If you know anybody who is not a current member of AKPA, please encourage him or her to join our organization.  AKPA will constantly update the membership directory as necessary, and will make it available through the AKPA home page. 

(9).  AKPA Homepage (www.akpa.org) 
The AKPA organization has its own homepage, and it can be visited by opening the website "http://www.AKPA.org". The current AKPA homepage has been updated by Dr. Gil Han Park at Oklahoma State University. Your suggestions and comments are welcome.