News of May/98


AKPA News in May, 1998 


*(1).  Greetings from the New AKPA President
*(2).  Introduction of New AKPA Officers
*(3).  Introduction of Standing Committee Members

(1).  Greetings from the New AKPA President

Dear members of the Association of Korean Physicists in America, it is
my honor and pleasure to serve our organization from May 1, 1998 to
April 30, 1999 as the 20th AKPA president.  First of all, on behalf of
AKPA, I give deep thanks to the ex-president, Prof. Kyungsik Kang, and
his officers for their outstanding job done during their period of
tenure.  I also would like to thank our new AKPA officers and standing
committee members who will be introduced in the next sections.  They
have gladly accepted their positions to serve AKPA in spite of their
busy workload.  Let me also take this opportunity to extend our most
sincere congratulations and best wishes to the fresh Ph.D. degree
earners in this graduation season.

Our AKPA has already been in existence for twenty years.  We have grown
steadily with the help of the faithful AKPA members, and we will
continue on indefinitely.  By working together, we can make our AKPA
become a really meaningful important organization to each and every one
of our AKPA members.  It could be a real challenge to maintain AKPA's
traditions while building AKPA's better future in this rapidly changing
technology and society.  However,  we believe that we can strengthen
further our activities in various areas.

It is very important that the AKPA's role must be recognized by the
physics community here, in Korea, and elsewhere.  We will try to
establish an official linkage with the Korean Physical Society.  We will
share our technical information as well as news with them in a timely
manner.  Also, we could publish our papers more often in Korean Physical
journals, and could cite more Korean Physical journal articles in our
papers to bring up our Korean Physics community to the world class
level.  As in the past, we will continue to recognize outstanding young
researchers amongst our young physicists and plan to expand the awards
in two areas.  We will participate in activities of Physics without
Borders organized by the Korean-, Chinese-, and Indian-American
Physicists' organizations.  Another important function of the AKPA is
information and news gathering, and disseminating them to our AKPA
members in a timely manner.  In order to facilitate this function, I
would like to ask all of you to help us providing any worthwhile
information to the AKPA.  Also, it is absolutely necessary to promote
the participation of the young and senior physicists in the AKPA
membership.  We will constantly update our membership directory.

There could be many other things to be done only if we do have more
time.  They include 
helping young Korean-American and Korean physicists to find their jobs
in USA or Korea by senior AKPA members, timely listing of job
information in USA as well as in Korea through our e-mail network and
AKPA homepage (, helping new Korean students coming
to American universities and colleges for further study in America, and
coordinating in recommending Korean-American and Korean physicists as
invited speakers in the American Physical Society meetings, etc.

In conclusion, AKPA officers and I will try our best to serve AKPA
better.  However, this can only be accomplished through your help.  We
will certainly always welcome your comments and suggestions for better

With best wishes and kindest regards,

Sincerely yours,

Yung Kee Yeo
AKPA President

(2). Introduction of New AKPA Officers and Standing Committee Members