News of Mar./98


AKPA News in March, 1998:

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* A) Informal Get-Together Dinner, 16 March, 1998, Los Angeles.
* B) Physics Without Borders. 16 March, 1998, Los Angeles.
* C) Schedules of March 16, 1998.
* D) Amended AKPA Bylaw Approved.
* E) Jin-Joo Song and Hoydoo Yu are the Candidates for AKPA President in 1999.
* F) 1998 AKPA Annual Meeting, 18 April, 1998, Columbus, OH.
* G) News About Members.

A). Informal Get-Together Dinner for AKPA and KPS Members on March 16, 1998

As we announced already, we are planning to have an informal get-together
dinner for the AKPA and KPS members, who will be attending the March APS
Meeting in Los Angeles, after the Physics Without Borders (PWB) Session
of the Forum of International Physics of the APS on Monday, March 16, 1998.

Time: 6:30 p.m., Monday, March 16, 1998
Place: The Dragon Place
966 S. Vermont Ave., L.A., CA 90006
Tel. (213) - 387 - 8833
(Close to the northeast corner of the Olympic St. and Vermont Ave).

We would like to invite all members and friends who will be attending
the APS Meeting to the PWB session and also to join us at the informal
AKPA dinner.

B). Physics Without Borders Session of the APS Forum of International Physics

The PWB session, which is organized by FIP with the cooperation of AKPA, OCPA
(Overseas Chinese Physics Association), and ACIPA (American Chapter of the
Indian Physics Association), will start at 2:30pm with the 1998 AKPA OYRA
and OCPA OYRA presentations, followed by invited lectures given by four
well-known condensed matter physicists from Asia. Prof. Jong-Jean Kim of
KAIST will be one of the invited speakers of the PWB session at the
recommendation of AKPA with the consultation of KPS.

The AKPA OYRA Committee has been reviewing and evaluating the research
achievements and potentials to succeed of the applicants and the result will
be notified to the individuals shortly and announced officially at the PBW
session. We have received five nominations for the award this year, who are
all truely outstanding and promising.

C). Schedules of March 16, 1998.

1. Physics Without Borders, FIP Session at APS March Meeting: 2:30pm.

a. The AKPA and OCPA OYRA presentations.

b. Invited Lectures.

SPEAKER: Nai-Ben Ming
Director, Institute of Solid State Physics,
Nanjing University.
TITLE: Micro-structures and Super-lattices in Dielectrics

SPEAKER: Prof Hong-Wen Jiang
Physics Department
TITLE: Search for global phase diagram in the quantum Hall effect


SPEAKER: Prof. Arun Grover
Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai, India
TITLE: Influence of disorder on the phase diagram of magnetic
flux line lattices

SPEAKER: Prof. Jong-Jean Kim,
Department of Physics,
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology,
Taejon 305-701, Korea.
TITLE: Slow Relaxation and Relaxation Distribution Function in
Dipole Glass

2. Informal get-together dinner at the Dragon Place: 6:30 pm

D). AKPA Charter and Bylaws Amendments Approved Overwhelmingly.

An overwhelming majority of the members approved the Amended AKPA Charter
and Bylaw which were put to the mail-vote for official approval in January

The original Charter and Bylaw were adopted in April, 1978 and have been in
effect without modifications since then for over 20 years. On the other hand,
most of the recent important AKPA activities were not defined in the original
bylaws and therefore the AKPA operation in recent years had to be regulated
by a set of guidelines recommended by a Committee in the summer of 1994. The
guidelines however have never been put to a mail-vote for official approval by
the members. This revised AKPA Bylaw was designed to provide a legitimate
support for all AKPA activities extant including OYRA, AKPA News, and Web
Service, while promoting the successful aspects of the unofficial guidelines
to an official status.

We believe that the amended AKPA bylaws will provide a very effective and
practical frame in which we can promote AKPA activities to more legitimate
stage and convene the intra-structure of AKPA organization on a legally secure
basis for some foreseeable future. We would like to thank many colleagues
including the AKPA Advisory Committee members who helped to design the final
structure of the Charter and Bylaw Amendments for providing many precious
advices, comments, encouragements and wisdom so as to upgrade the AKPA bylaws
and infra-structure while retaining the spirit of the original bylaws and the
successful results of the unofficial guidelines.

E) Jin-Joo Song and Hoydoo Yu are the Candidates for AKPA President in 1999.

A season for AKPA President election has come in the end. This year AKPA
Election Committee nominated the following two outstanding candidates for the
AKPA President in 1999: Dr. Jin-Joo Song and Hoydoo Yu.

Dr. You (Ph.D. Univ. of Washington, 1985) is active in the areas of
materials physics, chemical physics, and condensed-matter physics with
an emphasis on application of synchrotron X-rays and neutrons. He joined
Materials Science Division of Argonne National Laboratory as an Assistant
Physicist in 1988, and has been a Physicist at the laboratory since 1994.
He has over 40 journal papers and served as a journal referee for PRL, PRB,
JAP and Surface Science. He is a Co-Principal Investigator of DOE programs,
``X-ray Studies of Materials Important to Energy Storage and Conversion at
Advanced Photon Source'' since 1997 and ``Photon Science in Advanced Materials''
since 1989, supported by Chemical Science, Materials Science, Basic Energy Scie
nce and DOE.

Prof. Song (Ph.D. Yale University, 1974) is active in the area of lasers
and semiconductors with an emphasis on laser interaction with condensed matter,
nonlinear optics, femto/picosecond phenomena, and photonic/opto-electronic
materials and devices. She is Director of the Center for Laser and Photonics
Research, a Regents Professor of Physics and Noble Professor of Photonics
at Oklahoma State University (OSU).
She has over 130 journal papers and served as a journal referee for APS,
AIP, OSA and others. She has attracted over \$14M external funding since
1990 from federal, state and private organizations including NSF and DOD.
She served on the APS Committee on the Status of Women in Physics, the
Committee on Minorities, the Task Force on Growth and the Bouchet Award
Committee as the Chair, and also on many international conference committees,
as well as on the review panels of NSF and NIH.

A ballot paper and copies of candidates's resumes will be distributed by mail
to each AKPA regular member within this week. We hope that all AKPA
regular members will participate in the election. The voting should be
completed by March 30 , one month prior to the expiration of the term of
the current AKPA administration, according to the by-laws. We will open and
tabulate the ballots on or around April 18 in the presence of the AKPA auditor, staffs and other members who will be attending the Annual AKPA meeting in
Columbus, OH.

F). 1998 AKPA Annual Meeting, 18 April, 1998, Columbus, OH.

The AKPA annual meeting will be held this year on 18 April, 1998 in Columbus,
OH, during the period of the joint Annual APS/AAPT Meeting. We would like to
ask you to plan to attend our annual meeting.

Besides the reports of AKPA business matters including the election result
of the AKPA President for 1999-2000 (who will become the ex-officio
Vice President as the President-elect during 1998-99), we will plan to organize general invited lectures to be given by the 1998 OYRA winner and some
distinguished colleagues at the annual meeting. The details and program of the
Annual Meeting will be announced in a later News Bulletin and also on the AKPA
homepage as usual. We will look forward to seeing you in Columbus.

G) News About the Members.

1. Prof. Chung-Wook Kim of Johns Hopkins Univ and a former AKPA President
became the President of the Korea Institute for Advanced Study.

2. Prof. Soo-Bong Kim of Boston Univ. who served as the AKPA Secretary General
this year has joined the Seoul National University Faculty as Assistant
Professor of Physics on March 1.

3. Dr. Heonsu Jeon (Ph.D '94 and Research Associate, '94 -'95, Brown Univ.)
of SDL, Inc., San Jose, CA will be joining also the SNU Physics Faculty
as Assistant Professor in August 1998.