News of Feb./98


AKPA News in February, 1998:

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* A) APS, Physics Without Borders Session, 16 March, 1998, Los Angeles.
* B) Special Dinner Get-together of AKPA and KPS members, 16 March, 1998.
* C) AKPA Charters Amendment

A) APS, Physics Without Borders Session, 16 March 1998, Los Angeles.

Thanks to the AKPA members active promotion, a number of World-class
young physicists applied for the AKPA Outstanding Young Research Award (OYRA).
AKPA Award Committee is reviewing and evaluating application materials
submitted by the potential candidates for the 1998 OYRA. The review result is
expected to be reached by the Award Committee shortly and will
be announced in the next AKPA news bulletin and notified to the applicants.

The award ceremony will be held during the Forum of International Physics
Session of APS, Physics Without Borders, organized with the cooperation of
AKPA and Chinese and Indian counterparts, which will start at 2:30pm, March 16
in Los Angeles, CA. Also Prof. Jong-Jean Kim of KAIST will represent Korea and
give an invited talk at the Session by the recommendation of the AKPA in
consultation with the KPS. There will be three other speakers as shown below.

SPEAKER: Nai-Ben Ming
Director, Institute of Solid State Physics,
Nanjing University.
TITLE: Micro-structures and Super-lattices in Dielectrics
SPEAKER: Prof Hong-Wen Jiang
Physics Department
TITLE: Search for global phase diagram in the quantum Hall effect
SPEAKER: Prof. Arun Grover
Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai, India

TITLE: Influence of disorder on the phase diagram of magnetic
flux line lattices
SPEAKER: Prof. Jong-Jean Kim,
Department of Physics,
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology,
Taejon 305-701, Korea.

TITLE: Slow Relaxation and Relaxation Distribution Function in
Dipole Glass

B) Special Dinner Get-together for the AKPA and KPS members, 16 March, 1998.

We are planning to organize an informal dinner meeting for the AKPA and KPS
members in the evening of March 16 following the AKPA OYRA ceremony and FIP
session of Physics Without Borders. Specific arrangement for the gathering
will be announced later by e-mail, through the AKPA homepage
and also will be posted at the Bulletin Board area of the APS meeting.
Professors Kiuck Lee and Kyungsik Kang are planning to be there for the Award
ceremony as well as the informal dinner gathering. We would like to urge all
the AKPA and KPS members who will be attending the APS meeting in L.A. to
join us in this informal function in the evening of March 16. To help the
preparation, please let us know of your plan to attend the dinner by e-mail
to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as soon as you can.

C) AKPA Charters Amendment:

A new AKPA Charters Amendment has been put to the mail-vote for official
approval. A ballot paper together with a copy of a new AKPA Charters Amendment
was distributed to each of AKPA regular members. This new revised AKPA Charters was designed in order to provide a legitimate support for all the extended AKPA
activities including OYRA, AKPA news, and Web service. These activities were
not defined under the old AKPA charters and by-laws adopted about 20 years ago. The amended AKPA Charters and by-laws were created based on the results of a
series of discussions held among AKPA staff members over a period of more than
four months and by incorporating the precious advise and comments received from the AKPA Advisory Committee since August, 1997. The Advisory Committee
subsequently approved the current version of AKPA charters amendment.
We believe that this amended AKPA Charters will provide a very effective and
practical frame in which we can promote AKPA activities to more legitimate
stage and convene the intra-structure of AKPA organization on a legitimate
basis for some foreseeable future. Therefore we would like to encourage all the AKPA regular members to participate in voting and approve. Send in your vote
right away. If there is any AKPA regular member who has not received the ballot paper yet, please let us know immediately at "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.".