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----- AKPA News on November, 1997 -----

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* A) AKPA Home page.
* B) OYRA Announcement:
* C) AKPA Membership Due.
* D) Forthcoming PWB Session in the APS LA meeting
* E) New Treasury Secretary of AKPA
* F) News from the Members
* G) List of the Past AKPA Presidents

Dear AKPA members,

A) AKPA Home page:

Have you seen the new AKPA homepage lately ?

Last month, AKPA News reported that a new AKPA homepage at

was opened with a full registration to the webspace authority.

Recently, a number of interesting items
have been augmented to this new AKPA homepage at
In addition to the original service which covers introduction of AKPA,
AKPA members, AKPA structure, and AKPA Newsletter, a brief review of
AKPA history is included thanks to the help from several former AKPA
Presidents, along with the announcement for the 1998 OYRA (Outstanding
Young Researcher Award), and AKPA Treasurer's report on the membership
payment and donation status.

We wish that this homepage would serve a useful electronic network of
AKPA data base, information, discussion, Newsletter and communication
for the members. It will be even nicer if this can be used as a means
of communicating with the outside world and particularly the physics
communities in Korea, in addition to providing an arena of discussions
and dialogues among the AKPA members.

Please visit the AKPA homepage and take a look at ""
and do not hesitate to send your suggestions, comments and also news that
you would like to share with other members to any of the AKPA officers
(This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

We note that the existing Charter, by-law and guidelines posted in the
homepage will be replaced by the updated and amended ones as soon as
the latter will be voted and approved by the AKPA regular members. The
amendments is aimed to improve the existing by-law so that it will define
and legitimize some of the on-going AKPA activities that were not even
defined and specified in the original Charter and the AKPA by-law will
become more practical and realistic. The proposed amendments have already
been approved by the AKPA Advisory Committee and will soon be asked to vote
for approval.

As we reported, the current homepage was based on a dedicated efforts by Dr.
Sang-Hyeon Chang at U. of Florida, who will continue to maintain and improve
it during his term as the E-link Secretary.

B) The 1998 OYRA:

The main focus of the AKPA OYRA is to recognize and promote excellence
in research by an outstanding young ethnic Korean physicist in North
America. The qualification for the OYRA is limited to those who received
their doctoral degree after January 1, 1993. Candidates are to be nominated
by the Chair or Head of the Department where they are employed or by the
candidate's Ph.D. thesis advisor in a letter detailing the importance and
impact of the candidate's work.

The awardee will be selected by the AKPA OYRA Committee consisting of
Drs. W. T. Chu, C.R. Ji, Y.K. Kim, B.Y. Oh, Y.S. Park, Kiuck Lee (Chair),
and W.J. Lee (Secretary).

Deadline for nomination is December 31, 1997 and candidates are required
to send their supporting documents (curriculum vitae and three letters of
recommendation) by January 15, 1997 to the following address:

Professor Kang, Kyungsik
Department of Physics
Brown University
Providence, RI 02912
Phone: 401-863-1468, Fax: 401-863-2024, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please refer to the OYRA Announcement at ""
for more details.

C) AKPA Membership Dues and Donations:

AKPA has been prosperous thanks to yearly fund raising effort for donations
and membership fees by AKPA members. A season for the AKPA Election is coming
soon. In addition, a new updated AKPA charter and by-law amendments will be
asked to approve by the regular membership. According to the original AKPA
charter and by-law which is still operative, only the AKPA regular members
possess the voting & elective franchise and they have obligation to pay
yearly membership fees, though the additional donations are voluntary.

Only 18 members paid their membership dues this year as of today and the
existing AKPA fund is not enough to carry out the AKPA activities including
the Directory, Newsletter, the Outstanding Young Researcher Award, E-link
and Homepage service, Election and Votings.

We would appreciate your kind and generous consideration for the annual
membership fee (regular member: $25, associate member: $5) as well as for
additional donations. Please make the check payable to the AKPA and send to:

Dr. Cheolkyu Kim,
AKPA Treasurer
Department of Physics
Brown University
Providence, RI 02912.

Please refer to AKPA Treasurer's report at "" for more
details on membership due and donation payment status.

D) Forthcoming PWB Session in the APS LA meeting

We are pleased that AKPA has managed to make a recommendation for the invited
speaker from Korea in the Physics Without Borders Session of the FIP at the
1998 March Meeting of the APS. Professor Jong-Jean Kim of the Korea Advanced
Institute of Science and Technology will speak on

"Slow Relaxation and Relaxation Distribution Function in Dipole Glass".

There will be invited speakers from China, India in addition to Professor Kim
of Korea who are all well-known condensed matter physicists from Asia. They
will present an overview on the latest activities in condensed matter physics
in their countries.

E) New Treasury Secretary of AKPA

Dr. Sin Kyu Kang, who served as the Treasury Secretary of the AKPA,
returned to Korea to take up a Research Associateship at the Korea
Institute for Advanced Study in October. Dr. Cheolkyu Kim, a Research
Associate in the Condensed Matter Physics group at Brown University,
has taken over the affairs of the Treasury Secretary in his place.
Dr. Kim can be reached at:

Cheolkyu Kim Tel: (401)863-2833 [Lab]
182 Hope Street (401)863-3611 [Office]
Physics Department
Brown University E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Providence, RI 02912, USA Fax: (401)863-2024

F) News from the Members

The Science Magazine (published by the AAAS-American Association of
Advancement of Science) carried a short cover article on Dr. Ki-Hyon Kim's
work in its August 22 issue. It was on the paper published in recent
Physical Review Letters (Vol 79, No. 6, August 11, 97),
"Observation of Electromagnetic Radiation from Deexcitation of
the Th-229 Isomer".

Dr. Hyo-gun Kim, who served as the 14th AKPA President during 1992-93, has
been recommended to be the next President of the Kwangju Advanced Institute
of Science and Technology by the Board of Directors and is expected to be
approved and appointed officially by the Ministry of Science and Technology.

G) List of the Past Presidents

For your information, we enclose the list of the past AKPA Presidents here.
The affiliations in the parentheses are those during their tenure as President:

1. Tong Nyung Lee (NRL) 79-80
2. Ja Hyun Lee (Vanderbilt Univ.) 80-81
3. Yung Keun Lee (Johns Hopkins Univ.) 81-82
4. Yoon-Soo Park (Air Force Avionics Lab) 82-83
5. Won Yong Lee (Columbia Univ.) 83-84
6. Ki-Hyon Kim (N. C. Central Univ.) 84-85
7. Moo Young Han (Duke Univ.) 85-86
8. William Tong-Il Chu (LBL) 86-87
9. Kong Ki Min (Rensselaer Polytechnic I.)87-88
10. Young Eil Kim (Purdue Univ.) 88-89
11. Chung-Wook Kim (Johns Hopkins Univ.) 89-90
12. Yong Wook Kim (Lehigh Univ.) 91-92
13 Suk Koo Yun (Saginaw Valley State U.) 92-92
14. Hyo Gun Kim (Univ. of Rochester) 92-93
15. Nowhan Kwak (Univ. of Kansas) 93-94
16. Young Soo Oh (Penn State Univ.) 94-95
17. Saeyoung Ahn (NRL) 95-96
18. Yanglai Cho (Argonne Nat. Lab.) 96-97

The current President is Kyungsik Kang (Brown Univ.) for 97-98 and
the President-elect for 98-99 is Yung Kee Yeo (Air Force Inst of Tech).