News of Oct/97


* AKPA News Menu:
* A) AKPA Home page.
* B) International Free Electron Laser Award to Kwang Je Kim of AFRD.
* C) AKPA Membership Due.
* D) The Award Committee.

Dear AKPA members,

A) AKPA Home page:
We would like to introduce a new AKPA homepage at
for all of the members. This homepage of is duly registered
with the webspace authority. We wish this homepage would serve a useful
electronic network of AKPA data base, information, discussion, Newsletter and
communication for the members. It will be even nicer if this can be used
as a means of communicating with the outside world and particularly
the physics communities in Korea. A short description of the homepage can
be given as an overview:

1. Introduction: Describes spirit and goals of the association, and
shows the existing by-laws and suggested guidelines
which are under study to be incorporated with each
other and updated so that the AKPA bylaws becomes
practical and legitimate.
Discussions and consultations for amending the
by-laws have started immediately after we inherited
the AKPA operation this year.

2. AKPA members: Contains a member directory of e-mail address and
phone number. Note that some useful features are
implemented for automatic update of information
and a search capability.

3. AKPA Newsletter: Will serve as an archives of AKPA newsletters
and research articles.
(* Dr. Weonjong Lee, the Publicity and Editorial
Secretary is in charge of maintaining this area and will
circulate newsletters regularly. Please send your
news, contributions, and articles to him (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).
Prof. Byungwoo Park and Prof. Benedict Oh have done an
excellent job in the past for the AKPA e-mail list and
member directory, whom we would like to acknowledge.)

4. Link to other interesting sites and job information:
Connects to interesting physics sites in Korea
and other international sites, as well as to
job information sites.

Please try it and take a look at it and do not hesitate to send your
suggestions and comments to us. Maintenance and improvement of this
homepage strongly depend on YOU, and let's make it a valuable property
for all of us in AKPA.

The current homepage was based on a nice and dedicated efforts by Dr.
Sang-Hyeon Chang at U. of Florida. He will continue to maintain and
improve it during his term as the E-link Secretary.
At this time, we would like to acknowledge Dr. Hwanbe Park, Dr. Jysoo
Lee and Mr. C. Park for their efforts for the old AKPA web site at U.
of Colorado. We hope this new Homepage will continue to be maintained
by AKPA from now on.

B) International Free Electron Laser Award to Kwang Je Kim of AFRD:
Kwang Je Kim of the Acceleration and Fusion Research Division (AFRD),
who is the deputy head of AFRD's Center for Beam Physics, was presented the
International Free Electron
Laser Award at the 19th annual International Free Electron Laser Conference,
held last month in Beijing.
The citation on Kim's award, which includes a $3,000 cash prize and the
opportunity to present the opening
address at next year's conference, reads: "For promoting the FEL and
synchrotron radiation science for the
last 15 years, developing the theory for self-amplified spontaneous emission
which is the basis of current x-ray
FEL projects being pursued at SLAC and several laboratories, and pioneering
the analysis of the RF
photocathode beam dynamics, which is the basis for high brightness beam
generation in linacs required for
the x-ray FELs.

C) AKPA Membership Due:
AKPA has been prosperous thanks to yearly fund raising effort
for donations and membership fees by AKPA members.
The remaining fund received from the previous fiscal year is not enough
to give a full financial support to AKPA activities including the Directory,
Newsletter and the Outstanding Young Researcher Award in 1998.
We would appreciate it very much if you would kindly pay the annual
membership fee (regular member: $25, associate member: $5) as well as
make additional donations by the end of October to the following

Professor Kang, Kyungsik, AKPA president
Department of Physics
Brown University
Providence, RI 02912.

Your generous contribution will be used for better quality in AKPA services
including AKPA Newsletter, AKPA Home page, AKPA E-link, and AKPA award.

D) The Award Committee:
Professor Kiuck Lee of Marquette University is
asked to form the Award Committee to select the AKPA Outstanding Young
Investigator of 1998. Information concerning the application of the AKPA
OYI award will be issued on this Homepage as soon as the Committee is
formed and ready to receive the applications.