AKPA NEWS, January 2002

(Association of Korean Physicists in America)


1. AKPA General Meeting and Traditional Dinner at APS March Meeting

in Indianapolis, IN

2. AKPA Web Directory and Web Voting

3. AKPA Election

4. Outstanding Young Researcher Award (OYRA)-2002

5. Membership Dues and Contributions: List of the current contributors

6. KOSEN Pledges Support for AKPA

7. US-Korea Conference: UKC2002 to be held in Seoul, 8 - 13 July, 2002

8. News from the Korean Physical Society (KPS)

9. International Conferences and Workshops in Korea

10. Job opening


Dear AKPA members.

I would like to welcome you to the first AKPA News Letter of 2002. I

hope that each of you had happy holidays with your family and

friends. Our Web rebuilding job is making a steady progress. At this

stage, we need your input. I invite you to complete your personal

file in www.akpa.org, if you have not done so yet. (See item #2

below - Your login name (and password unless you reset) is given in the

subject line of this email and you have multiple profiles if you receive

this email more than once. ) Also, we are opening a new section for the

former AKPA presidents in the web. I thank you for your cooperation.

Wishing you a Happy and Prosperous New year.

Best wishes,

Sungkwun Lyo

AKPA president

PS: I am sure that many of you forgot to make membership

contributions and donations. You can email me a pledge and we can

send you a reminder. (See item #5 below.)

:-) You may be a physicist if... your three year old son asks why

the sky is blue and you try to explain

atmospheric absorption theory.

:-) You may be an engineer if... you have a habit of destroying

things in order to see how they work.

1. AKPA General Meeting and Traditional Dinner at APS March Meeting

in Indianapolis, IN

AKPA General Meeting and the three-decade-old Traditional Annual

Dinner Meeting for all Korean Participants (from all over the world)

of the APS March Meeting (3/18 - 24, 2002) will be held at 6:30 PM,

March 20 (Wednesday) at Mama's Oriental Restaurant [8867 Pendleton

Pike, (317) 897-0808] in Indianapolis, IN. Usually, the dinner

meeting is attended by 70 - 90 people including visitors from Korea.

Transportation to the restaurant from and back to the Indianapolis

Convention center will be provided. See the attached pdf file

"MarchDinnerMtg02.pdf" for more detail. Contact person: Professor

Yung Kee Yeo (Yung.Yeo@AFIT.edu).

2. AKPA Web Directory and Web Voting

At this stage we need your input. I would like to urge you to update

your own file in ww.akpa.org. The following old message from Dr.

Hoydoo You will help you to update your personal file. We are

planning to carry out next election on the Web to save costs.

"Dear member,

Dr. Chun-Yeol You has been instrumental in making the AKPA web site

to this point. We feel that it is a good time for the members to

update their membership information and status. Some of you already

have updated even before this announcement and we thank them. Just to

make things easier, we made everyone that we know of a new account

based on our information. Currently, the username and password are

your email address as you receive this email. In near future, buttons

will become available for you to choose

your own login and password. For now, we just like to have your

updated information.

Once you login, the voting privilege tells pretty much where your

membership stands. In near future, we also plan a system of web-based

membership fee payment via credit cards. For now, please contact the

president or treasurer to reinstate your voting privilege.

One apology for Netscape users: we have not completely sorted out the

problems and differences between explorer and Netscape. We also hope

to be able to sort it out. Meanwhile, Netscape users may be able to

read better by selecting another (not-default) encoding scheme (with

a larger font).


Hoydoo You (Argonne Nat'l Lab.)"

3. AKPA Election

The annual AKPA election for the president and the auditor is to be

held soon for the term beginning May 1, 2003 and ending April 30,

2005 according to our amended AKPA Charter. The election committee

members are:

Dr. Kwang Je Kim (kwangje@aps.anl.gov, Argonne National Laboratory),

Vice President & chair

Prof. Young Hoon Kim (kim@physunc.phy.uc.edu, U. Cincinnati)

Prof. Yung Kee Yeo (Yung.Yeo@AFIT.edu, Air Force Inst. of Tech)

You are strongly encouraged to contact the members with your

suggestions for the candidates within a week.

4. Outstanding Young Researcher Award (OYRA)-2002

The nomination process for the 9th annual OYRA has been successfully

completed. We had overwhelming responses from the physics community.

Many very high quality young physicists have been nominated this

year. The OYRA Committee members are now in the process of reviewing

the nominees.

The purpose of this award is to recognize and promote excellence in

research by outstanding young ethnic Korean physicists in North

America who are working at research-doctorate institutions, and

industrial and government laboratories. Candidates are limited to

those who received their doctoral degree after January 1, 1997, and

were nominated by the Chair or Head of the Department where they are

employed or by the candidate's former thesis advisor in a letter

detailing the importance and impact of the candidate's work.

Supporting documents include candidates' curriculum vitae and three

letters of recommendation.

The Awards Committee consists of

Dr. Taeil Bai (Standford U.) (Stanford U.)

Prof. Cheung Ryong Ji (North Carolina State University)

Dr. Kwang Je Kim (Argonne National Laboratory)

Prof. Young Hoon Kim (U. Cincinnati)

Prof. M. Howard Lee (U. Georgia)

Prof. Yung Kee Yeo (Air Force Inst. of Tech, chair)

PRESENTATION: The award in the amount of $1,000 will be presented at the

AKPA annual meeting to be held in Indianapolis, IN on March 20, 2002.

Visit <http://www.akpa.org/> for details.

5. AKPA Membership Dues and Contributions: List of the current contributors

The AKPA activities rely entirely on the regular membership ($25) and

the associate membership ($5) (graduates students). Any amount of

donations will also be appreciated. Please send your check to Dr. S.

K. Lyo, MS 1415, PO Box 5800, Albuquerque, NM 87185. Please make sure

to put your return address on the envelop.

Following is the list of the contributors, as of January 2002, of the

basic membership $25, plus donations of $25 - $49 (*), $50 - $99

(**), $100 - $149 (***), $150 - $199 (****), $200 - $250 (*****):

Dr. Dr. Taeil Bai Dr. Yanglai Cho*****, Prof. Zang-Hee Cho****,

Dr. William T. Chu**, Dr. Suh-Urk Chung, Prof. Moo Young Han***,

Dr. Sang-Wook Han, Prof. Yong S. Joe, Dr. Ja Hyun Lee,

Prof. Kyungsik Kang**, Dr. Hong Mook Kim*, Prof. Kinney H. Kim*,

Dr. Kwang Je Kim**, Dr. Quiesup Kim, Dr. Dong S. Lee*,

Prof. M. Howard Lee, Dr. Sungkwun Lyo*****, Dr. Jeong Sun Moon,

Prof. Young Soo Oh*** Dr. Y. S. Park*** Prof. Yung Kee Yeo***

6. KOSEN Pledges Support for AKPA

Dr. Sun-hwa Hahn, Chief, Overseas S&T Information Dept., Korea Inst.

of S&T Information made a pledge for 1,000,000 Korean Won to support

OYRA and Annual General Meeting annually. It is gratifying and

heartwarming to know that KOSEN is trying to reach out and help

overseas activities of Korean people.

Dr. Hahn contacted the AKPA after reading AKPA News Letter.

7. US-Korea Conference: UKC2002 to be held in Seoul, 8 - 13 July, 2002

Professor Kyungsik Kang of Brown U. is organizing a Symposium of

Basic Science and Engineering at

the UKC2002 (organized by KSEA) and is in the process of assembling a

quality group of speakers in the basic science of Physics,

Mathematics and Chemistry area. Any one in AKPA wishing to attend and

present a paper at the Basic Science Symposium can submit an

application with an abstract to Dr. Kang (kang@het.brown.edu) or to

the UKC2002 Organizing Committee at KSEA (www.ksea.org) as soon as

possible. There will be a partial travel support ranging from $1,500

(invited or high quality papers) to $500 (poster session papers). For

details of the UKC2002, you may visit the UKC2002 link in


8. News from Korean Physical Society

The current KPS administration places a heavy emphasis on improving

physics education and has two VP's for Human Resources & Physics and

Society. The two main themes for the 50th KPS anniversary (to be

held at Hanyang University, Oct 24(Thu) - 26(Sat), 2002 in Seoul) are Nano-S&T

and Physics Education. Recently a plenary talk entitled

"Time-dependent Permeable Interface and IT-based Physics Education"

was presented at the International Conference on Physics Education in

Cultural Context (2001, Korea) by Drs. Keum H. Lee (H&R VP of KPS,

Prof. Phys., Jeonbuk U.)/Jin S. Kim (Sec. Edu. of KPS, Prof. Phys.,

Jeonbuk U.). Their work was received widely at international forums.

9. International Conferences and Workshops in Korea

Provided by Yubin Yim <yubin@icpr.snu.ac.kr>, Information Center for

Physics Research, SNU

We depend on our Korean readers for this info. Any of you can send

conference info to sklyo@sandia.gov for a wide distribution in north

America (and Korea) free of charge.


Title: Neutrino - deuteron scattering and SNO results. ( II ) more advanced

Date: 2002.1.30

Venue: Sangsan Math. Sci. building 206 in Seoul Nat'l Univ.

Contact & Request to: sec@apctp.org



Title: The 6th APCTP Winter School on 'Strongly Correlated Electron


Period: 2002.2.1 ~ 2002.2.4

Venue: POSTECH, Pohang, Korea

Homepage: http://www-psc.postech.ac.kr/htsc/workshop/winter02.html

Contact & Request to: Lee, Sung Ik (e-mail: sec@apctp.org)



Title: Scaling and Phase Transitions in Complex Networks and Nonequilibrium


Period: 2002.2.18 ~ 2002.2.21

Venue: POSTECH, Pohang, Korea

Homepage: http://fracton.khu.ac.kr/scaling

Contact & Request to: Kim, Yup (e-mail: ykim@kyu.ac.kr)

10. Job Opening

Please send any job announcement to Dr. S. K. Lyo at sklyo@sandia.gov.

10.1 Postdoctoral Research Positions in Condensed Matter Physics and

Physical Chemistry at NEC

NEC Research Institute at Princeton, New Jersey, has several postdoctoral

positions open in the area of spin-polarized transport (experimental),

quantum phase transitions (experimental), and quantum computing

(theoretical). The group presently consists of three scientists: Dr.

Gabriel Aeppli, Dr. Christophe Renner and Dr. Yeong-Ah Soh and works

in close collaboration with various Universities (including

University of Chicago, Rutgers University, University of Tokyo) and

National Laboratories (including Argonne National Laboratory,

Brookhaven National Laboratory, Oak Ridge National Laboratory). The

successful candidate should have a recent Ph.D. in condensed matter

physics or physical chemistry and be highly motivated to conduct

research independently in a dynamic environment. Depending on the

project, expertise in magnetic thin film growth, nanoparticle

synthesis, nanofabrication, low-temperature transport,magnetometry,

X-ray diffraction, scanning probe microscopy, and numerical methods

are desirable. To apply, send a CV including the list of publications

and contact information of three references to Dr. Yeong-Ah Soh, NEC

Research Insitute, 4 Independence Way, Princeton, NJ 08540,

soh@research.nj.nec.com, (609) 951-2660 (ph), (609) 951-2482 (fax).

10.2 Postdoctoral research position in experimental condensed matter physics

at Sandia Labs

Contact information: Dr. Michael Lilly, mplilly@sandia.gov phone:

(505)-844-4395, FAX: (505)-844-1197, Sandia National Laboratories, P.O.

Box 5800, MS 1415, Albuquerque, NM 87185-1415

Applications are invited for a postdoctoral position at Sandia National

Laboratories to study low temperature quantum transport phenomena of 2D

electron systems and nanoscale devices. Specific interests include

coupled quantum wires, bilayer electron-hole systems and novel device

applications. State-of-the-art facilities are available at Sandia for

materials growth, fabrication and measurements. The successful candidate

should have a recent Ph.D. in condensed matter physics or applied

physics. Experience with low temperature techniques and/or transport

measurements is desirable. This position is available immediately, and

the search will continue until the position is filled. To apply, send a

CV including a publication list and three letters of recommendation to

the above address. Equal Opportunity Employer M/D/F/V.